• Fast Times on the Hudson

    Adirondack Life, June 2020

  • Sensory Fieldwork

    Adirondack Life, February 2020

  • Death of Jon Cody

    June 2017 Adirondack Life

  • The Symbolic Coast

    An essay appearing in the August, 2014 edition of the Green Mountain Review

  • Back to the Source

    Blog: I got out of the canoe below the barrier dam and stood up to my shins in the outlet...

  • The Clearing: Hadley, 1969

    Blog: After skiing into Bushnell Falls that March of ’69, our intention was...

  • Rain, Colden Trap Dyke, 1962

    Blog: Rain usually accompanied our hikes out of ....

  • Bank Swallows: Thurman, 1955

    In the mid-fifties, when I was four or five, I started visiting an old bootlegger’s hideout in the woods...

  • Inklings of Change: Bushnell Falls, 1969

    Blog: On the spring equinox of March, 1969, I snowshoed and skied into Bushnell Falls, on the slopes of Mount Marcy

  • The Geography of Religious Experience

    An article in the New York Times (September 9, 2007)

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