"The mountain, the water's surface, and the ring of forest formed a diametrical middle plane separating two identical, equally spacious and complementary concavities--one above, the other below. I floated, my canoe making a soft indentation in the sky, a portable personal portal connecting me to both hemispheres simultaneously. It was the clearest picture of the universe as we experience it I had ever known. Thoreau's observation, previously obscure to me, that the 'universe is insular, not continent,' sprang into focus. We live inside a sphere as much as on the surface of one."

- Christopher Shaw, Sacred Monkey River: A Canoe Trip With the Gods

has been a writer, editor, and teacher for forty years. 

Christopher Shaw

His fiction, memoir, journalism, essays, and book length non-fiction have focused largely but not exclusively on aspects of place and its influence on character and ideas, most often having to do with the Adirondack region of northern New York. 

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